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Dermatology Partners, Inc., is Boston’s premier medical and cosmetic dermatology center. Our physicians combine their clinical expertise with the latest cosmetic advances to provide our patients with the highest quality comprehensive care.

Our office provides the full spectrum of dermatologic care ranging from skin cancer detection and surgical treatment to full facial rejuvenation with lasers and injectables. If you’re looking for a dermatologist around Boston, look no further! Our team works one-on-one with patients to educate them on skin conditions, cancer, cosmetic procedures and skin care including products and proper lifestyle choices for a comprehensive approach to healthy and beautiful skin.


Slide Dr. Tedaldi, you are absolutely right, the botox you administered the other day, with your very steady hand, was exactly what I needed. You never do too much, which is why I know I can always count on you to know what I need and to rely on your judgment. I’m not afraid to tell you, “Do a lot!” because I know you won’t! I think what this comes down to, is that I appreciate your taste and style. It is right for me, natural looking and respectful of my desired sensibility (like yours). THANK YOU, I am very grateful and I love you very much. A.C. " " Slide After years of seeing several different dermatologists for treatment of acne and scars, I decided to switch doctors and schedule an appointment with Dr. Litani. I had spent thousands of dollars on every cream, medication, laser treatment, and other procedures over the course of several years prior to seeing Dr. Litani. Since the switch, my acne scars are unnoticeable to the eye. She has become more than just a medical professional to me.

Dr. Litani removed a melanoma from my neck last month. You can hardly see the scar from the surgery and everything has gone well. The procedure was beyond my expectations for results and am very pleased. She has seen me through not only my skin issues but also my aesthetic needs.

Dr. Litani is always informative as to what will happen during and after the procedure. She and her team are very professional and show they care whether you are seeking medical treatments or aesthetic treatments. She will guide you to the proper procedure for your specific needs and will tell you what’s best for you, what’s not best for you, what you are ready for and what you are not ready for. In her busy schedule, she always makes the time if urgent issues arise and is very responsive.

Dr. Litani has such a unique perspective when it comes to taking care of her patients, both inside and out. Seeing a board certified dermatologist for cosmetic and medical dermatology is extremely important as you will come to realize...it is all related. She remembers to listen to what life has in store and takes into account the reasons why skin reacts to the things the way it does. I would not trust any other specialist with my skin.
Katelyn C. " "
Slide Dr. Litani was excellent! She was skilled, professional, and the results were wonderful but not overdone. I would definitely return for any procedures, cosmetic or otherwise, and would highly recommend her! Rachel J. " " Slide Dr. Herschenfeld is fabulous! Every time I see her, whether for a routine screening, a consultation, or a procedure, I feel she is absolutely giving me her 100% undivided attention and the best medical care I could find anywhere. She goes above and beyond. A+ all around. I recommend Dr/ Herschenfeld without hesitation! W. S. " " Slide I have been a patient at Dermatology Partners for at least 7 years, long enough to be comfortable stating that it is an excellent practice. I have been a patient of many medical practices of several types. Dr Litani's attention to her patients stands out it my mind as several levels above all who have cared for me. She is terrific as a doctor and of equal importance, as a person. I'm sure she has saved me from many a bad outcome re. my skin. Paul R. " " Slide My nose got "Mohsed" by Carin Litani 3 months ago. I was a willing participant from the getgo as she had performed her expertise on my other body parts in the past. I was worried about the return to normal of my most precious nose but I need not have worried...my nose is back to complete normalcy and I and it are happy! I recommend her surgical skills to all those needy noses out there! Pat C. " " Slide I have been a patient at Dermatology Partners for over 20 years. I started at this practice due to our then-teen’s persistent facial acne. Two of our three children were treated successfully at Dermatology Partners with this emotionally challenging problem. I became a patient myself at Dermatology Partners for both medical and aesthetic reasons. I recommend Dermatology Partners for world class and compassionate care. I have no scars from many successful surgical removals of lumps, tumors, and moles all found at my bi-annual medical skin check appointments. Aesthetic procedures at Dermatology Partners are flawless. I recommend combining both Dermatology Partners medical and aesthetic practices for optimal and outstanding results. I give five stars and counting to Dermatology Partners. Deborah C. " " Slide Cool Sculpting with Gabi was an AMAZING 5 star experience! I would recommend the treatment without reservation and would not go anywhere but Dermatology Partners. Karen H. " " Slide Dr. Litani and the staff at Dermatology Partners are wonderful! They are always prompt to respond, thorough with check-ups, and always make the time to answer questions! I've since moved farther away from this office but refuse to switch to a doctor closer to where I live because I'm so happy with the service Dermatology Partners provides! Brittany D. " "

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