5-Minute Nose Job??!?

Who hasn’t seen the “5 minute nose job” videos all over social media? Looks pretty amazing right? That bump on the bridge of your nose gone is 5 minutes! No surgery needed!

  • Did you know that injecting filler in the nose has the highest risk of skin death and blindness? Yup, that’s correct…if that filler gets into a blood vessel, it can back track into your eyeball and cause loss of sight. And if it doesn’t back track, but instead blocks or compresses a vessel, it can cause the skin on your nose to die. That means the skin turns purple, then black, then ulcerates and eventually heals with a scar and/or deformity.
  • Even though that sounds horrifying, I have injected noses and I still would do it. But my patients have to understand the risks involved and it will not take 5 minutes! It will take close to 45 minutes because only teeny tiny aliquots of filler will be deposited at a time and the injections will proceed at a snails pace to avoid these risks. Also, please understand that the filler will last 1-2 years, not a lifetime, so that bump will recur and the filler will have to be done again. The means, you will be exposing yourself to these risks multiple times throughout your life if you keep it up.
  • Filler should absolutely not be injected into a nose that has suffered trauma or surgery at any point in life. Scarring under the skin from a nose job or other surgery will unpredictably alter vascular flow which further increases the risk of blindness (yikes!) and skin necrosis. If you plan to pursue this, please see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who works in a legit medical office and not a spa. This is a risky medical procedure and your injector should review potential consequences with you and ways to handle them.