Jawline Filler: Defying Gravity

Did you hear about what’s trending in the filler world?

It’s jawline filler! I don’t like to follow trends because health and beauty should remain classic. A face is never comparable to trendy clothing from Forever 21… it should remain ageless and be true to you … like Louis Vuitton.

But … I am a fan of jawline filler. I have been injecting jawlines before instagram had a hashtag for it. It has become more popular because of instagram and social media where we are seeing our faces at all angles.

I have always treated jawlines in my practice because it helps rebalance the face and keep the rest of the face lifted. Think about gravity … it pulls everything down including the skin on our face (ughh, and the boobs but that’s something else ). As we lose bone with age, our skin does not get tighter but rather loses elasticity and becomes thinner so it’s easier for gravity to pull it and cause those loathsome jowls. We lose that nice thick jaw to push up against gravity! Think of an old table covered with old tablecloth: As the joints in the table weaken and the wood rots and buckles, the tablecloth folds (wrinkles) and hangs over more. Placing filler in the jawline not only takes years off by making the face more youthful, but helps prevent further sagging by adding resistance for that downward gravitational pull.

Which brings me to beauty sleep. Sleep does, in fact, contribute to beauty because gravity is actually not pulling on our faces as we sleep. Rather, it is pulling it in the right direction (sleep on your back!). So, the more hours you can add to your sleep, the better it is for your face!
One more important note … contouring that jawline can also add femininity or masculinity to the face depending on the placement of the angle of the jawline in front of the ear. So, make sure your board certified physician injector knows about this and plans to feminize or masculinize the jawline appropriately.